I came across this picture of myself, taken I think in 2005, or 2006 at the latest. Look at my skinny arms!!! Wow. This was when I first started getting really serious with my training and really trying to BUILD muscle. I think I weighed around 115lbs here:I'm so glad I took this pic because it really shows how much muscle I have gained since then. Progress pics are SO important, because sometimes it's hard to see the changes in yourself since you see yourself everyday! So here is a picture taken of me recently. I now weigh around 123lbs:And here's a side by side photo: I love seeing the progress I've made! I really didn't realize how skinny I was back then. And people think I'm skinny now?? I'm hope no one thinks I'm arrogant or full of myself or anything by posting pics of myself...It's just that I have put in a lot of work over the years to get to look the way I do today, and I am proud of it!

I love it that all of my hard training and the right nutrition has paid off. It makes it all worth it. I love it that I am in CONTROL of my body and the way it looks. It's all a result of what I've put into my mouth and consistently challenging my muscles with heavier weights. THIS is why I have always LOVED weight training!!!! It is THE way to transform your body. The results may come slow, but oh it is SO worth the wait.

Eating healthy will get you smaller and will help you to lose weight/fat, BUT it will not get you toned and defined. That is ONLY achieved through strength training. And to me, a tight, muscular body is much better than a small, skinny, flabby one. But hey, that's just MY preference. :)

Go lift some weights today!


  1. YOU look great! Way to show it off girlfriend! Those pictures are so motivating to everyone and just goes to show that if stay the course you will be rewarded!!! Keep up all the hard work your putting into it ;-)

  2. arms are AWESOME! people dont realise how hard it is to get a little bit of muscle on your arms. i sooooo appreciate your muscles. i understand the hard work you've put in and you look awesome. i hope my hard work will look like yours soon!!! you look FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!

  3. Thank you! Still got a ways to go...but at least I see improvement, always makes you feel good!


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