I miss my brother and sister. :(

Ever since my mom moved and sold our childhood home, I never see them anymore. It's been months. I feel like I don't even have a family sometimes. I miss the way I used to be so close to both my brother and my sister.

Now my sister lives so far away and has no mode of transportation or even money to get anywhere...and my brother...I don't know what he's been doing these days. He seems like a different person to me now than the little brother I grew up with. I sometimes look at old photos of him from when he was a kid, and the other day I almost started to cry- I just miss that little boy so much.

He was always so happy...and he has lost that joy since my dad died and everything that happened with him and my mom. He turned mean and bitter and just doesn't care about anything. Mindy and Jesse are both still dealing with my dad's death five years ago. I mean, I miss him and think about him all the time, but God has given me a peace and hope that they just don't have.

My only hope is that one day we'll all be close again. That we'll be able to get through this and not let it bring us apart. I pray for both of them every single day. All I want for them is happiness.

"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer."
-Romans 12:12


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