You Think You're Fit??

You think you're strong or in shape? Well, there's nothing like CrossFit to show you that you're probably really NOT. I know it shows me that! If I ever thought I was good at something or strong or fit before CrossFit...well, CrossFit definitely proved me wrong!

I didn't care about being super fit before I started CrossFit, all I cared about was looks, but now I do. I know I won't ever be the fittest person in the world, but I like training to be as fit as I can be. It's not really a competition against other people, it's a competition with myself. To be better than I was yesterday. To prove that I can do it, that I won't quit, that I CAN push through the pain.

That's part of why I love CrossFit. I'll never be content or comfortable where I'm at. I'll never get bored. I'll always be trying to get better. That's what gets people addicted to it!

I watched a fitness competitor working out at the gym today while I was doing my CrossFit workout. And I was thinking to myself as I watched her do lateral raises, cable rows, and bicep curls, "I really don't miss that." When I first started CrossFit I would see someone working out the way I used to and I would kind of miss it, but now I don't at all!

Speaking of workouts, the workout that I did today was one of the workouts from the Regionals competition that is going on right now to see who gets to go to the CrossFit games in July. What I did a scaled version of it, with lighter weights as noted:

For time:
100 pullups( I did 75)
100 KB swings w/35lb(I used 20lb)
100 double unders
100 Overhead squats with 65lbs (I used 55lbs)

It took me almost 35 minutes, while it only took Camille Leblanc, a top CrossFit athlete about 15 minutes!! Now SHE is fit! I don't know if I'll ever be at that level, but I'll keep trying!

Anyway, enough about CrossFit...So today is going to be 95 and humid. It's been like this for the past couple weeks. I guess summer is officially here! It'd be nice if spring lasted more than a couple of weeks here in Kentucky. But I'm not gonna complain too much because this is MUCH better than cold weather! Even though I freeze in my house because my husband has to crank the air up!


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