Just a Few Fat Loss Tips

A few things that may be holding you back from your fat loss goals:

1. Drinking diet sodas, flavored waters, or eating too many "sugar free" products. Research is showing that artificial sweeteners are NOT good for weight loss. They basically mess with your brain and trick your body. Look it up if you don't believe me! Eat real food, use naturals sweeteners when needed, and forget the "sugar free" stuff as much as possible.

2. Not exercising with enough intensity. If you can read a magazine while working out...then I think you may need to workout a just little bit harder....unless you're 80. So go a little heavier on your weights, add in some interval training, bodyweight or strength training circuits, and try sprints instead of long, steady state cardio. Like I always say, try something new, get OUT of your comfort zone-challenge yourself!

3. Never increasing your weights or changing up your workout plan. Common sense to me, but you wouldn't believe how many people I see doing the same exercises with the same weights over and over again. Increase your weights, change up the exercises, change the order of the exercises, and vary your repititions at least monthly.

4. Not eating enough protein. It's that simple. Try cutting back on some carbs and eating protein at every meal. Protein makes those muscles GROWWWW-and that's always good for fat loss! :)

5. Eating too much fruit and not enough veggies. Most people don't eat near enough vegetables, myself included. They are super filling and low in calories, so you can eat a TON. While fruits are good for you, eating more than 2-3 servings a day can negatively effect your fat loss efforts due to their sugar content.

6. Splurging on cheat meals too often. Cheat meals for many people can be a good thing, mostly psychologically, to help you stay on track with eating healthy without feeling restricted. BUT for others, cheat meals can have a negative effect. If you find that you go WAY overboard on your cheat meals, if you have them too often, or if you have a hard time getting back on track with your diet the next meal/day...then you may want think about limiting them or eliminating them until you reach your goal.


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