I am SO sore from yesterday's WOD, and I love it!!! The workout was 5 rounds of:

400m run
20 deadlifts(105lbs)
20 pushups
10 deadlifts
10 pushups

It was really tough, but actually kind of fun! The pushups are what got me so sore in my lats and front delts. I mean, I only did 150 of them!

I hated the running as always, but I know that it's making me stronger mentally because I want SO bad to stop or slow down, but I make myself keep going and push through the pain. It'll only make me better.

Still working on my splits. I don't feel like I'm getting any more flexible yet. Here's how far I can go so far. I guess I'll get there someday!


  1. Girl you are doing great! Because of your blog, I've set the "doing a split" goal for myself too. (I'm no where near THAT close though, lol.)

  2. Awesome! You'll get there! For some reason, I can't get this low with my right leg in front.


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