Fried WHAT?

After this weekend, I am going on a diet.
Just kidding. But after what I ate yesterday, I really do feel like I need to go on a detox or something. Uggghhh. Food has not sounded appealling today whatsoever.

So before we went to the state fair, we went to ww.Cousins for
burgers and fries. The burger was oh so good! I think cheeseburgers are my favorite food. :)

Well, then we headed to the fair. I like just walking around all the indoor exhibits and booths. One of my favorites has always been the photography and art exhibit.

Well, then I decided that I just HAD to try some fried oreos. Yes, FRIED oreos. I had heard that they were good, so I figured why not try them? I mean, they sounded much more appealling to me than fried twinkies or fried candy bars, ewww....

Well, they actually were really good! Sort of like fried dough with chocolate on the inside! BUT as always, I overdid it and ate way too many...on top of the cheeseburger I had earlier. Not my brightest idea ever. And even as I was eating them, was imagining my arteries thickening with each bite! yet I still ate almost every single one!

When will I ever learn??

Needless to say, I felt more horrible than I have EVER felt after a cheat meal. I am usually starving in the mornings and can't wait to eat breakfast, but I woke up this morning not even wanting to look at food. I kind of had to make myself eat today. All this pain just for the momentary pleasure!


  1. Oh!!!!! I think that sounds fabulous except for the part where you felt miserable! I can't wait to have a cheeseburger!!!!

  2. Lucky me, I was out of town for the fair. If i wasn't I would've definitely tried a Krispy Kreme burger!


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