Carrots Never Made Anyone Fat!

I just have to rant about the fact that I think it is ridiculous when people get to the point when they are scared to eat a freakin' carrot because it's not a "favorable carb" or it's too high on the glycemic index.
NO ONE ever got fat from eating carrots!! People get fat for a lot of reasons, but I'm pretty sure eating too many carrots is NOT one of them.

Baby carrots are a perfect snack-they're easy, portable and full of nutrients. Yes, you don't want carrots to be the only vegetable you eat, and yes, they do have more sugar than other veggies.

But in addition to a healthy diet that includes lots of greens and cruciferous veggies as well, having a few baby carrots with a meal or for a snack will not make you fat OR negatively affect your health.

Don't be a crazy person. Go eat a carrot.


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