My Top 5 Favorite Exercises

All of my favorite exercises are the basic ones--the ones that work! Sorry, nothing fancy here. Simple and basic is the way to go.

They are all compound, multi-joint exercises that work multiple muscles in one movement, and they are the ones that you can lift the most weight with(which is what I love most)! No tricep kickbacks or leg extensions for me.

These exercises are all great, no matter what your goal is. They are good for fat loss because of their use of multiple muscles which means more calorie burn, they're great for building muscle and strength because you can lift some heavy weight with them, and they're good for toning(because toning = building muscle + losing fat).

Look them up, learn how to do them correctly, and add them into your strength training program if they're not already.

5. Dumbbell chest press-I love doing these with heavy weights! The heaviest weight I've used is a 50lb dumbbell in each hand, and it felt pretty awesome to be using the same weight a lot of guys use!

4. Push Press-These are fun because you can go a lot heavier than a strict overhead press. They're great for the shoulders and triceps and also the core. I like doing them with a barbell, but you can also use dumbbells. But remember to go heavy!

3. Deadlift- This is an exercise I only started doing at the end of last year. I SO wish I had started doing them earlier! Deadlifts are a MUST in any strength training program, as long as they are done correctly. They are super functional and use almost every muscle in your body. Wanna build up your upper back and traps? Do some heavy deadlifts!

2. Squats- Ahh, good ol' squats! What would I do without them?? Well, I can tell you one thing-my butt would be a whole lot flatter and saggier if it weren't for all the squats I've done over the years!

1. Pullups-My fave exercise of all! It's such a simple move, yet so challenging. Using your bodyweight is usually hard enough, but you can also do them weighted or with your legs up in an L position for an amazing ab workout!! If you can't do a pullup, practice doing negatives(jump up, then lower down slow), or use an assisted pullup machine, band, or a partner to give you assistance. A woman who can do pullups is not only impressive, but will most likely have some sexy back muscles!


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