New York Trip

I'm back! :)

We just arrived home Sunday from visiting my husband's family in New York. People always think it's so cool when I tell them I'm going to NY, because they automatically think of the city. But the town where my husband is from in upstate New York is the basically the opposite of the big city.

Not usually what comes to mind when most people think of New York!

We had a really good time spending time with his family, seeing our little nephew, Noah, for the first since he was born a year ago, and enjoying the wonderful not so humid weather.

Isn't Noah the cutest thing ever?
With my husband's grandma, his brother and wife, and baby Noah
Enjoying a beautiful day at Lake Ontario Beach Park Another beautiful day at the art festival at Canandaigua Lake Of course, I ate a TON while I was there. I'm talking pizza, pasta, ice cream, cookies, brownies, mac and name it, I probably had it. This was me, haha!But at least I was able to workout while I was there, and I'm only a couple of pounds heavier, which is mostly water weight I'm sure. I'm back on track this week and really have NO desire whatsoever to even LOOK at any bad food. Well, for a week at least. ;)


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