It's Fridayyyyy!

I started the day off right with a WOD and BEAT my previous score! The workout was just 12 minutes to get as many rounds and reps as possible of a 400m run and 5 deadlifts(I used 165lbs).

I did this workout last November and was only able to get 3rounds-this time I got 4! The runs felt much better-I was able to run faster and not rest as long between the run and the deadlifts. And the deadlifts felt lighter, too.

Sometimes I feel like I'm not getting any better or making much progress, but when I beat a previous best on a workout, even just by a few seconds, or if I am able to get a 5lb PR on a lift, it shows me that little by little, I AM getting better. I just have to be patient and enjoy the process, and have fun with the WODs. Because really it comes down to doing something that you love and having FUN, not stressing about whether or not you're getting stronger, or faster, or whatever.
Because I know that am, slowly but surely.

"Progress is made one step at a time. Every big accomplishment is a series of little accomplishments.”

So anyway, this weekend it is heating up, so that means I get more pool days before summer's over, which makes me happy. :) Bring on the sun!

This is also in store for this weekend. Can't wait to make it! It's like a giant Reese cup! Oh yeah.


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