It's In My Blood!

So Saturday I went to my first bodybuilding show to watch a friend of my husband's compete. I really enjoyed it! I've never seen so many fit people in one room before!

BUT seeing all those figure competitors walking around made me feel SO puny. I want to look like them! I have some serious muscle to build. It got me thinking about going back to my bodybuilding style workouts....because I just don't know if CrossFit is going to give me the look that I want.

I know that bodybuilding and figure is pretty much all about vanity, but doesn't everyone want to look good? Is that so bad? I love love love CrossFit and would never give it up completely, but bodybuilding may be better for giving me the body that I want?? I just don't know!

I'm going to keep going with CrossFit for a year, which will be in October, and see where I'm at physically. I mean, I know that's totally not what CrossFit is about...but bodybuilding is in my blood! Yes, I want to be strong and be able to do crazy stuff...but I want to look like a fitness model while I'm doing it! Is that possible?

Well, anyway....tomorrow my husband and me are off to King's Island for a day of fun in the sun and lots of roller coasters! Woohoo!

Today's WOD: 12-9-6 reps of muscle ups and squat clean & jerks. Oughtta be a fun one! May take me about 5 hours to get through all those muscle-ups though!


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