Can't Rain On This Parade!

My family had a cookout Sunday for Labor day/my brother's birthday at Bernheim Forest. And, well... it ended up being quite an experience!

It was nice to see my brother and sister for the first time in a couple of months. Although I'm worried about my sister-she's lost a ton of weight...and she has that weird "dead" look in her eyes I remember her having when she was on drugs. I hope she's okay.
I finally got to see my little cousin, Landon, for the first time since he was a newborn. He is such a cutie! So then the fun began...not long after we got all the food out and the grill going, it started to pour! We hurried to cover up the food and then everyone ran to their cars to wait for it to pass over, while some of the guys huddled around the grills trying to cook up the rest of the meat. I just had to get a picture of this sight! Well...the rain didn't just pass over, it decided to stay for quite awhile! But we weren't gonna let a little rain ruin our fun! We just found whatever we could to put over our heads and had a good ol' time anyway! It was a pretty hilarious sight to see, though. The rain did let up eventually...leaving us all cold and soaking wet. I was just happy to eat my big cheeseburger and potato salad, even if I did have to eat it under an umbrella in the pouring rain! Well, it's definitely a cookout we'll always remember! I had a good time just being around my family. They always make me laugh! My cousins are all so funny, and you just never know what's going to come out of my grandma's mouth! Good times...


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