Feeling Weak :(

This week, the weights have been beating me! I have felt SO weak.  I did back squats Wednesday, and 175lbs felt really heavy.

I went up to 190lbs on my next set and could barely squeeze out 2 reps, even though last week I did 3!!  It's so frustrating! But there's always next week to do better. :)

Today's WOD (I made this one up): 4 rounds for time of 5 strict wide grip pullups, 10 power cleans with 95lbs, 15 double unders, 20 situps.  Everything was pretty easy besides the power cleans.

Anyways, I'm super excited for tomorrow-our family's annual trip to the pumpkin patch! It's always a fun time. And I'm SO looking forward to pumpkin donuts! :)


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