I ♥ Double Unders

I've always loved to jump rope, since I was a little kid. What little "cardio" I ever did before CrossFit consisted only of jumping rope and sprints. 

Since starting CrossFit, I have learned how to do double unders(basically getting the jump rope around twice in one jump). It took me awhile, but now I pretty much have them down. They are super challenging but so fun! I love them!

Today's WOD:  3x3 front squats, working up to 145lbs for my last set. Then 4 rounds of: 1 arm overhead walking lunges with a 25lb dumbbell, 20 steps, and 30 double unders.

Tomorrow we're hitting the road for a weekend trip to Detroit to watch an NFL game.  Can't wait, I love trips!


  1. I love jumping rope! I need 2 sports bras to do it and some good music. What a workout, though!

    Have fun on your road trip!!!


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