I'm Not Bulky Yet ;)

 Why are women still so afraid of lifting weights?

Are they afraid they're going to turn into a man? That they'll get "bulky"? That they'll lose their femininity? 

Well, all I can say to that is that I can squat 205lbs, deadlift 225, push jerk 135, and bench 125....and I don't I look like a man yet! I'm still very girly and feminine. I like to look cute at the gym, and yes, even wear makeup when I'm working out.

I had a little "photoshoot" the other day....and as you can see from the pics, after years and years of weight training, I am far from bulky.
You know what makes you bulky? It's called FAT.

I've created a lean and toned body as a result of  lifting heavy and eating lots of (healthy) food. 

Maybe there are some women who don't like this look. Maybe they don't want to be lean and toned, tight and firm. But I think there are many more women who DO want that look, they'll just never achieve it because they don't realize what it really takes to get it.

The formula for a toned physique=lifting heavy+time+patience+fueling your body right.

Weight lifting has changed my life. I LOVE it. What has it done for me? It has transformed me from just skinny to fit and muscular. It has given me a confidence in myself that I wouldn't have otherwise had. It has given me strength that I am proud of.
Try it out for yourself, and see what lifting weights can do for you.  It's worth giving it a try-you just might end up with the body of your dreams. :)


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