It's Not Always About Pleasure

I'm just gonna be honest here. Sometimes eating is not about pleasure. Sometimes you just have to eat what's best your body, even when you don't really feel like it; even when it doesn't seem appealing, knowing that's it's fuel for your body.

I'm not saying that you should never enjoy anything you eat. Of course you should. Food is something to be savored and enjoyed at times. But it may not be enjoyable ALL the time. That may be bad to say, but I just don't think we should always base what we eat on what sounds good to us, or just to satisfy our taste buds. Honestly, if I based what I ate only on the taste and what I was craving at the moment, I probably wouldn't be eating healthy 90% of the time!

I am not afraid to admit that there are times when I don't really feel like eating chicken and broccoli (or whatever it is), but I eat it anyway. I don't really crave the taste of healthy foods, but I do crave the way they make me feel. I may enjoy eating mac and cheese, pasta, rice, and cereal-but if I ate those foods all the time I wouldn't look the way I do, nor do I believe that a high carbohydrate diet is healthy.

I feel good eating healthy foods,  knowing that I'm nourishing my body, even if my taste buds aren't always completely satisfied.


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