Jellybeans, Pumpkin Bars, and Deadlifts

Yesterday at Meijer, I passed by a display of  "harvest mix" jelly beans, and with flavors like harvest spice, peach cobbler and pumpkin pie, I just couldn't resist-I had to try them. 

So yes, I bought them, and yes, they are SO good! I love all of the flavors. And so what if they're pure sugar, and sugar is evil...don't judge me. :)

Today I decided to make Jamie Eason's protein pumpkin bars. They're pretty good, I just wish they were sweeter! ;)  

Today's WOD: Deadlifts, 3x3. Worked up to a weight of 205lbs.  Then I did an 8 min amrap(as many rounds as possible) of: 5 strict pullups and 10 kettlebell swings with 40lbs.

Here's my second set of deadlifts at 195lbs:


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