Just Not Feelin' It

3 days ago it was sunny and 102 degrees. It is currently 59 degrees and raining. I think September is bipoloar. While I do love fall, I'm SO not ready for summer to be over! It went by way too fast. It always does...

So maybe it's the cold rainy weather, but I am just so tired and totally not motivated today. I had a few clients to train this morning, then planned on getting my workout in afterwards. But I was just NOT feelin' it. Yes, I do have those days every now and then!

I made myself do the strength portion of my workout and decided to skip the met-con. So at least I got in some heavy deads. I was going to do the met-con workout later today...but I'm thinkin' that might not happen!

I rarely ever watch TV during the day, but laying on the couch and watching a movie sounds really good right now! I'm allowed to be a couch pototo for a day, right?

Then maybe I'll drink some coffee and do some cleaning to wake me up, then maybe walk Asher. That's the plan...we'll see whether or not it happens!


  1. I love the couch potato picture...that would look great on a t-shirt ;)


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