1 Year CrossFit Anniversary!

I can't believe it's been a whole year since I starting doing CrossFit! A year ago on October 18th, I quit my bodybuilding style workouts completely and did my first CrossFit WOD.  I absolutely loved it from the very start.

There are a lot of anti-CrossFit people out there who think that it's the worst program ever, but all I know is what it has done for ME.  I have gotten stronger, SO much fitter, more powerful, and bigger! To say CrossFit doesn't work is just crazy. It may not make any sense at all, but it works.

Although I have changed up my program just a little, I still love CrossFit just as much! Many critics of of CrossFit say that it won't get you strong, it won't get you big and lean, and they often like to say we're a "cult." Okay, whatever. We're a cult. And all CrossFitters are weak and fat or puny.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinions though, I guess. I can understand some of the criticism-CrossFit isn't perfect, but it is a better fitness program than what 95% of the population is doing.

 CrossFit may not get you to look like a bodybuilder...but CrossFit is about more than just looks.  It may not get you to be as strong as a powerlifter, but you'll probably still be 10x stronger than the average gym goer.  CrossFit combines every aspect of fitness into one program, and THAT is what I love about it. 

Why just be super strong if you can't even run or jump rope for 2 minutes without feeling like you're going to die?  Why have an amazing body with bulging biceps and popping shoulders if you have absolutely no power and can't jump onto a 20" box? Why have the endurance and stamina to run marathons, yet have NO strength??? 

I think CrossFit works. Maybe not for everyone. But for most people,  it WILL get you stronger(okay, maybe not if you're already a powerlifter), and it will give you more endurance, stamina, and power. At least it has for me. :)

Before I started CrossFit, I was so out of shape, even though I looked like I was "in shape" on the outside! And I wasn't near as strong as I thought I was. Now I'm doing deadlifts, muscle ups, power cleans, double unders, and handstand pushups-all things that I didn't do and couldn't do before CrossFit. Because of CrossFit, I'm stronger, fitter, and really, it's just plain FUN.


  1. haha, sorry crossfit will always be the fittest of the fittest. those critics prob just cant do the WODS.


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