Weekend Recap

Ahhh, what a beautiful weekend it was!  I'm really not looking forward to the cold weather that's supposed to be coming this week! It has been such a nice fall.

So anyway, my cheat meal this weekend consisted of a little barbecue pulled pork, a little Reese's no bake, and...a little of this:

And then a little of this:

Look at the excitement on my husband's face! It was his last cheat meal for 3 weeks!  He ate the whole pizza, minus the one slice I ate. :)

Since it was such a beautiful day yesterday, we drove around in the Jeep, and then went on a short little hike at a park nearby.
 Of course, I just had to do a random "L-sit" hang when I spotted this branch!

 Well, today I am starting the Wendlar 5-3-1 powerlifting program, and I'm so excited! I am really getting more into the powerlifting stuff-I just love it! I'm going to do 3 CrossFit workouts a week after my strength training days, but they'll be short and not anything super heavy.


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