Happy Halloween :)

Happy Halloween!!

I can't wait for all the trick or treaters to come tonight! I have a big bowl of candy that I have to try to keep my hands out of.  Or not...;)

I had so much fun dressing up my husband this morning!  Can you guess who he is? Haha.

Over the weekend, some of the family got together at my grandma and grandpa's house to celebrate their 60 year anniversary! 60 years!! WOW, that is a long time. Matt and I only have 55 more years to go!
Aren't they just so cute?
Some of the grandkids and great grandkids with "mamaw and papaw"
My cheat meal for the week was a couple slices of this yummy caramel cake:
Along with ice cream, of course! :) As always, I had just a little too much!

So Matt's show is this Saturday!! I can't wait. He is looking awesome. Can you say shredded??


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