I "GET" To

I love this, so I thought I'd share!

This was CrossFit Faith's spiritual WOD post from yesterday:

Catch yourself saying, or thinking, the words “have to” - and substitute “get to” every chance you can.

Example: “I HAVE TO go to this meeting!”
Substitute: “I GET TO go to this meeting!”

It's all about your attitude! Be positive and thankful in all things, and it will change your outlook on life.

Mine today would be:

"I GET to train people and help them become healthier, fitter, and stronger."

"I GET to go to the gym and workout to better myself and give my body what it needs."

"I GET to walk my dog, to see the joy it brings to him and as a chance to just be thankful that I have legs to walk and eyes to see all of God's creation."


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