I had a great, fun-filled weekend!

Saturday was my hubby's birthday, and we celebrated by going to Spinelli's, his favorite pizza place. Then we went to church and afterwards came home for some of this yummy pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting. It was SO. GOOD. I was told it was the best cake he's ever had. :)
Sunday we were getting our house painted and wanted to stay out of the painter's way, so we loaded up the jeep and headed to Dirty Turtle Off Road for a little trail riding.
It was my first time ever "off roading", and it was really fun! It was a nice day, and Asher enjoyed coming along for the ride and spending a day in the woods. We didn't do any crazy hard trails, but we did get a little muddy anyway!

So anyway,  I decided that I'm going to take this week off from training, as much as I hate doing that! Last week was a deload(light) week on the Wendler program, but I still did some CrossFit met-cons that made me pretty sore. So I feel like I need to take a rest week from everything. 

I did workout today, though. I wanted to max out on the bench press, since I haven't ever really done that. I got 135lbs, which was my goal! yay! Then I did a short metcon WOD-5 rounds for time of: 8 handstand pushups, 12 situp medicine ball throws, and 16 walking lunges with 25lbs.  I guess that'll be my last workout until next week! :(


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