I Want It All!

I want to be strong. I don't just want to be strong for my size-I want to be strong compared to anyone. I want to be as strong as a powerlifter.

But...I also want to be fit and conditioned; to be able to fly through CrossFit WODs; to sprint and jump and run!

I want to be big. I want MORE muscle! I want a bigger butt, bigger arms, and bigger legs!

But... I also want to be lean. I don't want to gain fat in order to gain muscle. I don't want to lose the abs that I've finally uncovered!

And there's more! I want to be flexible, I want to be good at gymnastics stuff like handstands and muscle ups, and I also want to be good at Olympic lifts.

But what do I want the most??

The thing is, I'm not so sure it's good to want to be great at so many things at one time. Too many goals or wants at one time turns into not focusing on any one thing and not really getting much better at anything, and then you end up not being that great in anything! (Did that sentence even make sense?lol)

So I have to figure out what I really want more than anything and focus on that for a while.
Really, I think that's getting stronger and bigger.  It doesn't mean I'll neglect all the other things, but that I will put most of my effort into getting stronger and gaining muscle.

I want to focus on increasing my weights on bench press, deadlifts, overhead press and squats, and that is going to be my number one goal right now.


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