It is much easier to achieve this look:
 Than it is to achieve this look:

There is nothing wrong with either one(it's all personal preference), but I just want to make the point in this post that  a "thin" or "skinny" body is much easier to achieve than a lean and muscular one.

The girl in the red bikini has much more muscle mass than the other, and her body fat percentage is much lower as well. Getting lean like that is a much different goal than just losing weight, and many people don't understand that.

It's easier (note I'm not saying EASY, but easi-ER) to simply lose weight and get smaller than it is to build muscle and "lean out".  To be lean and muscular takes a lot more than just doing what the average female does to get thin, which is usually tons of cardio and low calorie intake.

It takes eating a lot of quality food(more than most average women), making sure to get adequate protein intake, and focusing on lifting weights. Aerobics, bodypump classes, running, and/or yoga will probably not get you a lean and muscular physique like the girl in the red bikini. I'm just sayin........You may not want that look anyway, and that's completely fine. (But who wouldn't?) Just kidding. ;-)

So... basically what I'm trying to say is that if looking like a fitness model is your goal, just know that it is very hard to get and then to maintain that look, and it will take years and years of building muscle, then careful and sometimes strict dieting, to get there.

It takes a lot more dedication that what most people are willing to make, and to some it's just not worth it...and I can understand that. It's hard, and you do have to make some sacrifices. It's a lifestyle that you have to commit to 100%. It will be a long and slow journey, but you'll get there if you truly want it bad enough.


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