Everyone talks about motivation. Some people seem to have it and some people, well, just don't!

It's a hard thing because you can't GIVE someone motivation; you can't make people want to better themselves. That can be frustrating for me at times as a trainer.

All I know is that this is what motivates me:

~Wanting to be the healthiest that I can be so that I can enjoy my life now and when I'm 70!
~Getting stronger
~Setting performance goals(like increasing my weight on a lift) and creating new challenges for myself
~Looking good and having a lean physique
~Knowing that all of these things gives me confidence and makes me feel good about myself!

It's also motivating to me to look at photos of my favorite fitness models. I know that they don't look the way they do by skipping workouts and not eating right. It takes dedication, determination, drive, focus, and sacrifice to look that way. And if that's the look I want, then I have to do the same.

Knowing that I want to have that physique is enough to keep me motivated every day, along with the things I listed above. I know that I can't stray off of my healthy eating plan or not be consistent with my workouts if I want to keep improving.

So here are some pics of my favorite fitness model, Erin Stern. Maybe they'll give you a little motivation to get to the gym today. :)


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