Well, it's finally over.

After all of Matt's hard work, dieting and sacrifice, it was time to show off the results! Friday evening he got his spray tan. Lookin' good and ready to go!
Whew, was Saturday a long day! It started with pre-judging at 11:30, which took quite a while being that there were around 200 competitors at this show, and Matt was one of the very last groups to go on. Then it was back for the finals at 7:00 that night. 

I was so nervous and excited for him! He looked awesome up there. I thought he looked the best out of his class, of course, but...I admit am a little biased. ;)
Finally it was time for the results! Matt ended up getting 3rd place in his class, which was 5'8 & under. One of the judges later told him that he was basically tied for 2nd-only one point separated them!
 I was SO happy and proud of him!! He got a cool sword to show for it.
After the show, it was time to eat! He had some barbecue pulled pork, reese cup ice cream, and a couple of cinnamon rolls. The next day we went out for pizza-that was what he what he was really waiting for!

I'm so relieved that it's over!  But even though it was stressful and hard at times, it really was worth it in the end just to see him up there on stage, after all that he was been through. It was a great experience and also a great chance for Matt to get his story out there to inspire others. Him being up on stage was about so much more than just showing off his physique.

My hope is that his story shows what can be accomplished through FAITH and hard work. No matter what you are going through or have been through, you can always overcome it and do anything you set you mind to. I give all the glory and praise to God for what He has been able to do through us, and I am so thankful that my husband is alive and healthy.


  1. Thats awesome. way to go. You know when i started reading your blog (after i started bootcamp at maxfit in sept 2010) i never knew about your husband until when he posted this past week. To me it was very inspiring and shows me anyone can do anything they put their mind too, even after things hes went through. I dont know him but tell him Congratulations.


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