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I was just thinking...most middle aged people who are overweight now were thin when they were kids and teenagers, or even young adults.  Then, the years and years of inactivity and bad eating habits finally caught up with them...and they ended up 10, 20, or 50 pounds overweight.

There are many people who are young and skinny now, who don't have to exercise or eat right. But one day it WILL catch up with them. They will be the ones looking at themselves in the mirror 20 years down the road, saying, "What happened to me? How did I get here?" 

Well, I can tell you how you got there. You didn't make your health a priority. You thought you could always eat the way you have and never have to suffer the consequences. You were wrong.

Don't think it won't happen to you! Even if you have great genetics and are able to stay thin as you get older, you will still find yourself getting a "saggier" year by year, because it is inevitable that you lose muscle as you get older. It's just a fact. If you don't use it, you lose it. may stay skinny, but you'll be flabby(aka "skinny fat")-NOT a good look, in my opinion.

So why let yourself ever get to that point? The day IS going to come sooner or later when you are going to have to make the choice whether to continue to do the same things that have gotten you to the point you are at, OR you are going to change and start making better choices for your health, now and in the future.

So...why not make it a little easier on yourself and start NOW?  Don't wait until you are fat and out of shape. Don't let yourself even get there. Because trust me-it WILL happen eventually, and it will be much harder to lose all that weight you've gained over the years than to start making some changes now and never getting to that point in the first place.


  1. SOOO true! Preach on sista! I need you to come smack me on occasion! I KNOW all of that, but still have trouble making those good choices. I admire your consistency and dedication. Thanks for the honest reminder that NOW is the time!


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