2011 Training

2011 was an exciting year for my training. This was the year of CrossFit! I really had so much fun doing CrossFit. It made me see what "fitness" is really about-that it's so much more than just looking good. It opened up my eyes to the world outside of "bodybuilding" by showing me how much more is out there...I will forever be thankful for that. :)

It was exciting to learn so many new things to add to my training-kettlebells, double unders, handstand pushups, deadlifts, front squats, Olympic lifts, push presses, rope climbs, muscle ups. I did none of these things before CrossFit.


It was good for me to have a change of pace from the same old things I had been doing for years.I was challenged in ways I've never been before, but I loved it!  I will be sure to incorporate all of the new things I've learned into my workout program for the rest of my life, if I'm able.

Some of the things I want to focus on this year is to stay consistent with my stretching, foam rolling, and mobility. I never realized the importance of those things until now. They are JUST as important as lifting heavy and getting strong.  I would like to start maybe doing a little yoga in addition to my strength training....now that would definitely be something out of my comfort zone!

Happy New Year everyone! Let this be your best year yet! Good luck in all your fitness goals!


  1. Stretching and foam rollers for me too! So important, yet I neglect to do so! All those video clips of you were awesome! The olympic lift look so hard and the muscle ups AND the handstand walking! What one was the most challenging to get right???

  2. The snatch is hardest for me...as well as the handstand. I am still working on getting better at those!


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