2012 Training Goals

I don't really do the whole "New Year's resolution" thing because I don't need a new year to get back on track because I STAY on track ALL YEAR. 

However, as I've mentioned before, I do like to constantly challenge myself and stay motivated with my training by setting goals. I accomplished most of my goals for 2011, but it is neverending!

Here are my training goals for 2012:

-Gain muscle(I want to gain 5-7lbs)
-Strict muscle up on rings
-Muscle up on a straight bar
-Bench 150lbs
-Multiple 1 arm pushups
-210lb squat(I have been stuck at 205 for the last year!)
-250lb deadlift
-Handstand walk
-Bodyweight overhead squat(120lb)
-Splits(yes, still haven't gotten these yet-need to spend more time on my stretching!)

I just wanted to say that I am so thankful for discovering CrossFit. It really has changed the way I view my training, and fitness in general.

It has taught me to constantly challenge myself, and  I have learned so many new things to add to my training that I would have never discovered without CrossFit.

Through CrossFit, I have learned what my body is truly capable of.  I've discovered how good it feels to push yourself past what you thought you could do; to not give up when you think you have nothing left in you.

It has made me want to be better, stronger and faster, and I am no longer satisfied with just training for looks alone. I can't wait for what 2012 has in store for me!

What are your goals for 2012? If you have none, then now's the time to set some! And don't make it something like, "lose weight", or "get in shape".  Try something new and set some strength goals for yourself. 

Maybe make it a goal to do 10 perfect pushups or be able to squat your bodyweight or do a pullup. And don't you dare give up on that goal. Keep at it until you get there! You will feel AMAZING when you finally reach your goal!

Your training will be so different and much more exciting when you have strength goals that you're trying to achieve, rather than just going through the motions because you feel that's what you have to do to get "skinny".

Make 2012 different! Make it better than 2011! You can do anything you set your mind to!


  1. Girl, I need to put you on my speed dial! YOU are such a motivator!


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