And The Muscle Building Journey Continues....

Ever since I started seriously training when I was 18, I wanted to be muscular like the models in Oxygen magazine. I've gained a lot over the 8 years that I've been seriously training -but I want MORE! I want my arms and delts to look like Erin's(on the right-and I admit, I am completely obsessed with her)!
I won't give up on that dream! I WILL look like that some day. Think it, believe it, do it, achieve it! :) order to achieve this goal, I have to eat more. It's that simple. I have to consume more calories than my body needs to maintain. I will have to gain some fat. I will have to track my food for a little while, which I absolutely HATE doing. But sometimes you gotta do things you hate in order to reach a goal.

Yes, I may look a little "puffy" for a while and lose my abs-but- it is just temporary. I'm not going to eat like crap or anything, I just need to get a few hundred extra calories a day and be consistent with that. No more low carb/lower calorie days. My goal is to gain around 5-8lbs, which is a LOT for me.

I may start doing more of a bodybuilding style program in order to get the most hypertrophy as possible. I'm not quitting CrossFit, I just want to switch up my program for a short period of time in order to achieve this goal. I want something a little more structured right now, with a focus on strength training. Then it will be all about CrossFit again!

Goodbye abs....hello new muscle! ;)


  1. Yay girl! So happy for you & excited for you as you embark on this awesome journey! I know you will reach any goal that you set your mind to, you have such an amazing foundation to build on. I look forward to following your journey to building the body of your dreams!

    And Erin is my fitness hero too! She is such a role model!!

  2. Thanks so much for the encouragement!!
    I've been focusing getting lean and maintaining my muscle mass-now it's time to step it up and refocus on my ultimate goal!

  3. so this is the tricky bit - if you have to eat more clean cals how does it turn to muscle - do you lift heavier and shorter sets? do you eat more protein or carbs in those extra daily cals? how does the extra cals turn into muscle and not just mass (or fat or inches or whatever we shall call it!) do you then have to lean out after you build muscle? ive never really got a black and white answer about this - can you help me out lindsay? thanks !

  4. Don't know if I can really give you a black and white answer but....
    it's just a pretty well known fact that muscles need extra calories in order to grow. The extra calories should come from increasing protein and fats, as well as some carbs also.
    Some of those will be used to build muscle if you are training right, and yes, some will be stored as fat as well. That's why it's hard to gain a good amount of muscle while trying to stay lean and the reason why most bodybuilders go through a "bulking" phase where they gain bodyfat. Then yes, you do have to lean out afterwards, but you'll hopefully have more muscle to show this time!
    I don't change anything as far as my training. Just lift heavy for 6-10 reps.

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