Birthday :)

I celebrated my 27th birthday over the weekend! I had a few slices of this:

Cookie cakes have always been my fave! My husband got me the perfect card:
So is everyone finished with their Christmas shopping? If not- you are crazy. You have all year! :) Mine was done a long time ago. I'm actually kind of sad that Christmas is only a few days away. I wish it could last longer! And it looks like no snow is in the forecast. Too bad. :(


  1. Happy bday Lindsay!hope your 27th year is the best ever!. I'm in Sydney australia, we are officially having the worst summer ever... So we are hoping for sun sun sun on xmas... Can't imagine a white xmas, must be so pretty. Can't wait though, love love Xmas holidays. :)

  2. Thanks! I love having a white Christmas, but here it's hit or miss.


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