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Oh, I miss Christmas already. Sigh.The lights, the tree, the music....it's so sad that it's all over. Darn post-holiday blues! :(  Now I'm just ready for summer to be here.

Welp, I "survived" the holidays without gaining a single pound. Not one measly pound. Not even after 2 days over the weekend of not so healthy eating and indulging in whatever the heck I wanted!

Goes to show that when you've got a lot of muscle, you train heavy and with intensity consistently, and you eat healthy at 40 out of 42 meals in a week..."falling off" your diet for a day or two does not have such a disastrous effect. Muscle is the ultimate fat burner!!

I'm going to have to get on a higher calorie diet plan since what I've been doing is not working. I thought that just adding carbs back in would make me gain some weight, but I need more I guess. Maybe adding in that second cheat meal midweek will help-I hope!!! I gotta get get fat, dang it! ;)

Check out my new tank that Santa brought for Christmas. I love, love, love it and can't wait to wear it to the gym tomorrow for deadlift day! :)


  1. That shirt is awesome!

    2012 is for sure going to be your weight gain year!!!!


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