"You Must Never Eat"

Just another rant. ;)

I find it amusing when people say things to me like, "You must never eat!" It's actually a comment I get quite frequently, and it's pretty annoying. Really, I don't eat? Please. If I didn't eat, I'd look like a skeleton-skin and bones. I'd be anorexic. I would NOT have muscle.

People's ignorance about nutrition amazes me sometimes. Or maybe people just say things like that to make themselves feel better. By telling themselves the reason I look the way I do is because I don't eat, it justifies to themselves why they don't look the way they want to...because they love to eat, right? They don't want to starve themselves.

Well, let me tell you one thing-I am definitely NOT starving.  People have no idea just how MUCH I have to eat to look the way I do. And the thing is, if you're eating the right things you CAN eat a lot, because healthy food has a lot less calories than the junk most people eat.

NOT eating does not make you lean and defined. It makes you skinny and bony. Not quite the look I'm going for.


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