Just to show the difference between being flexed and not flexed.

On the left, I look like a skinny twig who's never lifted a weight a day in her life. Ga-ROSS. On the left, flexed obviously, I look like I have a decent amount of muscle. My goal is to look like I have a lot of muscle when I'm relaxed!

You know you love my socks. ;)


  1. lol, yes I actually DO love your socks!! Rock 'em girlie!
    AND just so you know...NOTHING about how you look is Ga-ROSS! Obviously your arms are amazing, but those quads are awesome too! Keep it up girl & soon we won't be able to tell you from Erin!

  2. Hehe, thanks!! Maybe someday I will be a smaller version of Erin, I'd be happy with that! :)

  3. looking good in those fine socks!! ;D


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