Weekend Recap and Progress Update

This weekend's cheat meal consisted of dinner at Buckhead, and then some of these yummy things for dessert afterwards(courtesy of Nestle Tollhouse):
The rest of my so very exciting weekend consisted of kicking my husband's butt at Mario Kart(although he would say otherwise) and watching one of the best Christmas movies ever-Elf!

We also took our annual family Christmas photo. We used the self timer on my camera, and I just have to say that my dog is so awesome that he sits there and actually looks right at the camera. He is so dang cute(and my husband's not bad either)! ;)

And..... in other exciting news, I had my husband take my measurements and my bodyfat this weekend. After 2 weeks of tracking my food intake, making sure to get over 2000 calories every day, and eliminating my low carb days, I am up 2 1/2lbs, and my bodyfat was 12.5% (which I am sure is NOT entirely accurate), which is the exact same as it was back in March.

And yesterday as I was going through my nightly flexing routine in the bathroom mirror(yes, I said my nightly flexing routine-don't judge me), I noticed veins popping out that I've never seen before! Maybe it was the big cheat meal I had just had, I don't know. My body is a strange thing. It seems that when I feed it more, it just burns more! Hopefully if I am consistent with this for a month or two, I will put on a few more pounds, but we will see!


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