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I'll be posting my workouts here starting next week!


  1. hi lindsay, just had time to flick thru some blogs and read your tanning dilema. please do NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT use a tanning bed. i was a sun worhipper too, and when i was a teenager/in my 20's we used to sunbake with babyoil on our bodies and face - it was the done thing. no fake tanners back in those days. even when we went snow skiing we didnt bother about sunblock and came home with red faces. we tried the sunbeds but that got too expensive back then and they started to connect sunbeds with skin caner so that went out of fashion. now at the ripe old age of 48 i am madly trying to recover my skin from tanning/sunbeds. its turned into an obsession because i dont want ageing wrinkly skin - a big age give away. and the creams are expensive. i only use fake tan now and wish i never baked in the sun/beds when i was younger. im very lucky that my skin has responded well to the creams but i'm a slave to them and if i had my time again wish i never abused my skin.
    so lindsay, please buy a spraygun coz its not a good look being old and wrinkly later on and thats when you need all the help you can get to keep looking good and healthy! even if you dont get a lot of wrinkles the pigmentation blotches will come out!
    i'll get off my soapbox now !!!!!

  2. Thanks, Amanda! I know that it's not worth it. The having horrible skin part actually scares me more than the cancer risk! I already have and have always had bad skin...don't need it to get any worse!

  3. Hi Linsday! Have u ever used an online training log such as or fitocracy? What's your opinion about? cheers from europe!


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