My First Strict Muscle Up!

Well, I achieved one of my 2012 training goals! My goal was to get a strict muscle up(without a kip/swing), so I though I'd practice at it yesterday since I'd never tried it before. I got it on my first try!

I was pretty excited because I really didn't expect that I was going to be able to do it! I remember when it was so hard for me to just get a kipping muscle up a year ago, and now it's become so much easier. It's amazing what becomes second nature when you do it over and over and over again.

So in other news, for those who are following my weight gain journey-I was up to 123lbs today!  2 more pounds to go!  I want to get up to where my weight is 125lbs consistently, that way I know it's my actual weight and not just water weight. 

I have been 118-120lbs for the past 5-6 years or so, so getting up to 125 is a big deal for me.  I know that I'll gain some fat, but I also know I have gained a lot of musle in the last few years because I'm leaner now, even though my weight is higher.

 But I still want more muscle! :) I'm somewhat satsified with my upper body, but my lower body is a different story. My quads have a good shape to them, but they are just way too SMALL. I hate being so puny(don't mind my no makeup unfixed hair look)!

I want to have thick legs and a big butt someday! :) Even though that's not in my genetic makeup-I'll do the best I can do achieve that! I foresee LOTS more heavy squats in my future for years to come!


  1. Yay, your on a roll at the moment! OMG your quads are looking great,whatever your doing it's working!.


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