How TO Get Results In The Gym

What to do in the gym if you DO want to get results:

-Stop trying to "spot reduce." 

-Forget about "toning". Toning = building muscle+losing fat. Not lifting 5lbs 20 times.

-Lift heavy.  The last few reps should not be easy.

-Challenge yourself.  

-Try new things. It's okay to be uncomfortable.

-Increase the intensity. Add in some interval training to your cardio. (BTW-if you can do an hour of "intervals", you're not doing them right.)

-Progressive overload. Try to lift a heavier weight or get in an extra rep or set each week.

-Train your whole body, not just your abs.

-Change up your rep range-instead of 3 sets of 12, try 4 sets of 8 with a heavier weight.

-Change up your routine every month or so.

-Do more compound lifts, like squats, rows, presses, and deadlifts.

-STOP doing hundreds of crunches.

-Use more free weights and less machines.


  1. I loved the "How To" & "How Not To" posts! They were great! Some good reminders too :)


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