Fitness Competitions

I came across another article that I thought I would share:

I have never  had any desire to compete-it's never been and probably will never BE a goal of mine. I get asked all the time if I there's no one who wants to look good just to look good?! 

Just from the blogs that I have read and a couple of people I know who have who have competed, I've seen the damage and the unhealthy habits that can result from them. Not that it happens to everyone who competes...but I think it is quite common.

I'm not bashing competing at ALL. I have respect for people who can do it-it takes a LOT of work and extreme dedication, much less the guts to get up on stage in front of a crowd in next to nothing! And I understand that it gives you a goal to strive for and a reason to train and eat healthy, and also as a way to enter the world of fitness modeling, if that is your desire.

But I also believe that people need to have a reason to train besides just to compete. She has so many good points in this article, and I think that what she says here about one of the aftereffects of competing is spot on: "I’ve found this to be true of many, many competitors immediately following the show: they’re lost. With the bat of an eyelash, they find themselves without a goal to work toward and nothing to keep them on the straight and narrow."

I don't think there's anything wrong with competing, but don't let it be the ONLY reason you train.  Don't let it be the ONLY thing that keeps you on track with your diet...because one day the show is going to be over, and then what?  

Just some food for thought!


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