Meals For The Week

You guys probably think I have absolutely NO life since I post so much!! Well, okay, it is kinda true...haha. ;)

But really, the thing is, as a trainer, I train people either in the mornings or in the evenings, so I sometimes have hours during the day to do nothing. Well, not that I do nothing-I cook my meals, clean clean clean, walk my dog, workout, write out client programs, read the bible, and write and read blogs! :)

I thought I'd share what meals I have cooked for the week:

*Lean beef burgers(I eat these on a lettuce bun with ketchup!)
*Brown rice
*Marinated baked chicken(marinated with Stubb's chicken marinade-yum)
*Jamie Eason pumpkin protein bars

I'll probably cook up some ground turkey later in the week to mix with my brown rice and boil up some eggs just to have on hand.

Today was my first day of drinking whole milk-I'm starting with just one glass a day this week. And I found out that I actually really like whole milk!


  1. I love that you post all of your eats and meals! You just gave me the idea with the ground meat and rice. I will do that and add bell peppers and onion! What do you season it with (just pepper)?? If I could have a job doing all of the things like reading/writing blogs, cleaning, cooking, etc. I'd be 100% content!!! I guess I do have that job but just don't get paid :( hehe! P.s. - Love all the new blogs too!

  2. I usually season it with low sodium taco seasoning or homemade taco seasoning-chili,onion,garlic powder, cumin, paprika, and whatever else! Then I add salsa to it before I reheat it. It's yummy!
    And yes, wouldn't be amazing to get paid to do all that stuff?? It's basically my full time job(non paid), and then training is just my part time job!


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