Yay For Snow :)

Unfortunately we didn't really get much accumulation, but I loved seeing those big white flakes fall from the sky! I'm waiting for our one big snow of the winter, if it's going to come at all. It hasn't snowed once yet! :(

It was sooooo cold out today, so I stayed home all day where it was nice and warm. Asher and me were pretty bored. I didn't take him out for his daily walk, so sat in his usual spot at the top of the stairs and sulked. Poor little baby.
So I've been doing really good this week with keeping track of my calories. I've been consistently getting in around 2300 calories and between 170-200 grams of protein. I am at the point now where it seems that all I do is eat! I mean, I've always eaten a lot throughout the day, but not so much at each meal. I don't have snacks anymore-I eat a meal every 3 hours with protein, carbs and fat(except for last 2 meals of the day- only protein and fat). Surely that scale will show a higher number in the next few weeks. :)


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