Always Up For a Challenge

Yay, it's Friday!!! :)  I'm so happy the sun is SHINING today, thank you, Lord! It has not been around in a few days, and I NEED it. Oh, Spring get here soon please.

I had a great upper body workout today. Did some push jerks just for fun since I haven't done them in a long time, but didn't try to go TOO heavy. Then I went for a max set of chinups for another Survival of the Fittest challenge and got 15 reps! I very rarely do chinups(I usually do neutral or wide grip pullups), so it was fun to see how many I could get.

Wednesday I did another Survival of the Fittest challenge- to get as many reps as I could on back squats with my bodyweight(125) and ended up getting 30 reps. I surprised myself again with how many I was able to do, since I always thought my endurance was horrible. I HATE high reps squats and have never done that many reps with a heavy weight in my life! But I can never back down from a challenge!(

Check out my YouTube page, where I frequently post clips from my workouts:

So anyways...the plan for the weekend is popcorn and movie night tonight at home, then brownies and leftover pizza for our treat meal tomorrow, and a date to the movies on Sunday to see The Vow. I can't wait for it to get warmer so we can do things outside again! I am definitely an outdoor girl, so I think that's why winter drives me crazy.  I grew up on 5 acres, and I was always outside as a kid. I just love the outdoors.


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