Burpee Results

Well, I did my 7 minutes of torture burpees today!
Results=91! Not super impressive, but it was just for fun so who cares! It was a test of my endurance, which I will admit is NOT my strong point!

Then I just goofed off and played around with handstands. I've been practicing a 1 armed handstand without a wall, and finally got a decent pic of one:

I'm happy the weekend is here! I'm excited for my cheat meal and to try out the tire sled and slammer ball that my husband is making for me!  Hope everyone has a good weekend! :)


  1. Girl!! Look at you! Awesome :)
    Super cool that your hubby is making those for you...can't wait to see pics!

  2. Thanks!
    Pics will be sure to come soon!

  3. I just completed my 7 mins of burpees too....drum roll....55!!! OMG, I seriously thought I was going to spew... twice. I cant believe you did 91, wow!. The funny thing is you were doing handstands after ( which by the way I am totally in awe of), whilst I was passed out on the ground...hehehe. Great challenge though... whats next!?.

    1. Trust me, it was super tough for me-I was pretty worn out after!! 55 is a lot of burpees-good job for taking on the challenge! :)

  4. I try to avoid...ummm, I do other things rather than Burpees...but I did try this interesting sounding challenge with them once. I thought it would be a motivating but not too hard burst of them. You start with 12 then you ladder down - 11, 10, 9, etc. until you get to zero. You don't really stop between, maybe a breath here and there. Deceptively easy sounding because after all you're only really doing a few high count sets...until you add everything up. 72 of them I think?

    The reason I don't do Burpees is that my lower back tightens up or something so that it hurts while I'm doing them and it doesn't feel like a 'good' muscle hurt. Is that something that's common or form related?

    1. I haven't done a burpee in I can't tell you how long! And don't foresee myself doing one in the near future lol. And yes, the back pain it could be form related. I don't think it should cause back pain.


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