A Glimpse of Spring :)

Today is going to be almost 70 degrees here in Kentucky!  I'm definitely going to take advantage of this weather because it's not going to last long. :( Looks like I'll be breakin' out the rollerblades today!

So for anyone who follows CrossFit, you know that the games Open started yesterday. The first WOD for the competition is 7 minutes of burpees-as many as you can get! Craziness. But I think I'm going to do it tomorrow just for fun! Well, more like for torture. I hate burpees! It'll be a fun little challenge to do on my "active recovery" week. Even though I'm sure I will do horrible, but, oh well!

Well, I've just recently decided that I think I want to set up a fitness photoshoot sometime this year. Since I will probably never compete, I want to do something to show off all of my hard work! I'm thinking it would be fun to do have some shots with my husband in them, too! It's kind of scary for me, though, since I'm a little shy and self-conscious...but I want to do it! Just not sure how to go about finding a photographer...

I guess that's all for today! Time to go enjoy this beautiful weather.

Oh, and check out my bodyspace on bodybuilding.com that I recently created. I finally found a place where I can post flexing and mirror pics, and it's completely normal, ha!


  1. Ooo I'm going to do the burpees thing to tonight too!. 7 mins.. That is craziness... But I'm up for the challenge... Will post back later, if I can do 50 without my legs falling off I will be happy!.


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