How Bad Do You Want It?

"How bad do you want 'it', really??!! Do you want 'it' bad enough to make sacrifices; bad enough to take the road less traveled; bad enough to shed as much blood and as many tears as needed; bad enough to get back up after you've been knocked down for the 9th time; bad enough to defy ALL the odds; bad enough to never, ever, ever give up ... or is that asking too much??

Whatever 'it' is to you, do you 'talk' about 'it' more or do you 'live' 'it' more. If you don't want 'it' that bad, quit complaining that you don't 'have' it or aren't 'there' yet - because those of us who 'want it' bad enough are busy making it happen, not talking about it."
-Matt Cappotelli


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