I ♥ Valentine's Day :)

I don't care what people say about Valentine's Day and it being just a "commercial" holiday, I love it! :) I mean, really every holiday is "commercial", right? Like, what's the point of Halloween??

So if you hate it, don't celebrate it and don't complain about it. I'm sure most of those people who hate it are those who don't have a Valentine anyway(oops, did I say that out loud?).  ;)

So in celebration of Valentine's Day, I made some yummy strawberry cupcakes. (I'll take any excuse to make and decorate cupcakes!) I maybe had just a few of these over the weekend....

And Saturday night my husband and I went out for a yummy meal at our favorite restaurant, Cheddar's, for our "Valentine's date":

We have holidays for everything else, so... why is it so bad to have a special holiday to celebrate love and to show the special people in our life how much they are loved and appreciated?? (Yes, even though you should be doing that on a regular basis, too!)I just think it's fun to have an excuse to give flowers, eat chocolates, make cupcakes, go on a date, write a love letter, or whatever it is you do choose to do on Valentine's Day.  :)


  1. You guys are a great looking couple. Do whatever "silly" stuff you want, it's your love and that's none of anyine's business to judge. I think it is cute though.

  2. Cute picture of you two! Those cupcakes are adorable too. Happy Valentines day!


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