What About Health?

In the quest for losing weight, people seem to lose track of HEALTH....it's all about reaching that number on the scale, no matter what the cost. As long as that number goes down, it doesn't matter that it's all water weight and muscle that you lost, right?

It doesn't matter that you look the same... it doesn't matter that you're flabby and saggy because you have no muscle...it doesn't matter that you'll gain it all back in a few months....All that matters is that you lost 10lbs in a week-woohoo, way to go!
I just WISH people would focus on the LONG term-on getting healthy, eating quality foods that are GOOD for you body and not just low calorie crap, and on strength training to build muscle so you can be strong and firm, not weak and flabby.

Stop focusing ONLY on weight loss and focus on getting healthy and strong. Yeah, there are ways to lose weight fast...but is it healthy? Does it have any long term benefit? Is it something you can maintain forever? Is it a lifestyle change? If not, you have accomplished nothing.  It's just a cycle that will repeat itself over and over again for the rest of your life.

Be HEALTHY. Do something that will improve your quality of life, both now and in the future. Something that will make you not only look better, but also feel better, have more energy, and be stronger. Something that you can maintain for the rest of your life!


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