I Like To Be Different:)

No ellipticals or aerobics classes for me. THIS is my kind of training:

I have to say, I've always liked to be a little different. In highschool, I never drank or went out and partied every weekend. Well, I've never drank in my life, actually. I didn't have a traditional wedding -I ran off and got married in Hawaii on the beach, in a bikini!

While most women strive to be skinny, I've always wanted muscle. Most women do tons of  boring cardio, while I try to avoid it at all costs.While other women are at the gym reading their Shape magazines on the ellipticals, I'm running sprints, doing burpees, or jumping rope.While other women are doing crunches, I'm doing deadlifts.

This is just a reminder to encourage you to branch out a little; get out of your comfort zone sometimes and try new things! You don't always have to do what everyone else is doing. Dare to be different! :)


  1. This is an excellent post girl! My hubs and I have been talking all weekend (after watching some great food documentaries) about how we choose to eat different than most of our friends and family. We are considered "different" and quite frankly WEIRD...but that's okay! We're ok with that! And I agree, I'd rather have muscle. Muscle is beautiful!!! I love your one handed handstand pic (I'm sure there's a name, but I'm not familiar)
    Anyway, girl-just wanted to say great post!!! *HAPPY SUNDAY*!

    1. Thanks so much!
      I'd much rather be considered "weird" than average, or the same as everyone one else!
      Happy Sunday to you also! (PS-Your baby girl was born on my birthday!) ;)


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