Never Rest...Until I'm Better Than My Best

I had to share this from Erin Stern's Facebook status. I LOVE this! Another reason why she is my FAVE fitness model, and my role model. :)

I own it - do you see?
I'm not training for "almost," "not quite," or "maybe."
Each rep, each set, each step -
Closer to victory.
So, on I fight -
Me vs. me.
Leaving nothing on the field -
Only sweat.
Giving more than my all -
No regret.
Pushing for the day I find
The body in the mirror
Mirrors the one I see in my mind.
I own it - and I'll never rest
Until I'm better than my best....
By: Erin Stern


  1. let's see if I can comment without typos this

    Erin is definitely as inspiration. She has a great attitude!

  2. WOW, love this and stealing it!!!!! Thanks, you are an inspiration!!

    1. Thank you! It was too good not to share!


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